SWIMM was founded more than 20 years ago and is a part of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI), which also comprises of the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic National Societies. The main goal for the society is to assemble immunologists in Sweden and work for the progress of basic and applied immunology. Anyone who is interested of immunology, through education, work or other can apply to become a member.

    As a SWIMM member you automatically become a member of The Scandinavian Society for Immunology, the European Federation of Immunological Society (EFIS) and International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS).

    As a member of SWIMM you get a reduced registration fee for the Annual Meetings of SSI. In addition you can twice a year apply for SWIMM travel grants for International Immunology conferences. You are also eligible to apply for travel grants from SSI as well European Society for Immunology (EFIS) for the European (ECI) as well as the International (ICI) Immunology conferences. Virtually all applications from SWIMM members for travel grants to these two conferences have the last years been funded. Finally you receive The Scandinavian Journal of Immunology for free and reduced article publication charges for some Wiley immunology journals (https://authorservices.wiley.com/author-resources/Journal-Authors/open-access/article-publication-charges.html), as well as 15% discount on antibodies from BioLegend. 

    In order for having mandate to vote for speakers etc. on the European immunology meetings the Scandinavian societies need to have over 1000 members in total. The Scandinavian countries are for the moment close to coming under this limit, your membership is important for the representation of immunologists from Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries in the European immunology community. With better representation in EFIS we are able influence the decisions on where the ECIs are going to be held and how well the Scandinavian countries will be represented in numbers of invited speakers and chairs, and thus could promote your research to reach a larger audience.


    SWIMM travel grant fall 2019

    Please take the opportunity and apply for the SWIMM travel grant this fall. Deadline is Sept 1st! More information can be found here!

    Travel grants from SSI available!

    SSI will award up to 20 travel grants to applicants who fulfil our eligibility criteria (Member of a national society at the year of application; Master/PhD trainees and Post-doctoral fellows up to 5 “working years” after PhD; Presenting author for an accepted meeting abstract.).

    Application procedure: Please apply via the IUIS website, for an EFIS/EJI Travel Award https://iuis2019.org/efis-eji-travel-grants/

    If you are not successful for this award, then your application will be transferred to SSI.

    Note that there are different eligibility requirements for EFIS/EJI and SSI awards. If you fulfil the SSI requirements (< 5yrs post-PhD) but not EFIS (older than 35), then submit via the IUIS/EFIS system anyway, and your application will be passed on to SSI.

    The EFIS/EJI awards will be announced by July 1, and the SSI awards will be announced immediately afterwards, latest July 5.

    Annual meeting - agenda and Zoom link

    Dear all,

    Please find the agenda for the annual meeting 2019-03-14 15.15 here!

    You may also joing the meeting online by Zoom. Join here!


    Save the date for the upcoming KiiM/SWIMM meeting

    The annual KiiM/SWIMM retreat will be held October 3-4th 2019 at Lidingö, Stockholm. Please save the date!

    SWIMM seminar and annual meeting

    The annual meeting of SWIMM will be held in Gothenburg Thursday March 14th. More information about this and the special seminar can be found here!

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