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What are the benefits of being a SWIMM member?

Please note that membership in SWIMM is a calender year based membership. That means that you will be a member of the current year when the fee is payed, irrespective of the month. You also need to actively renew your membership every year

One-Year Membership Types (470 SEK per person)


Please use the button below to pay for your membership by PAYPAL (it works even if you dont have a PAYPAL account). Please note that we need also your name and e-mail provided – please send it to in addition to paying through the Paypal function below.


If several people from the same research group want to become members, it is possible to make an invoice. If you desire to do so, please send an e-mail to where you include:

  1. The name of each new member
  2. The name of the research group
  3. Billing address