SWIMM is united with the National Societies of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland in the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI). This union is important for the resources and visibility of Scandinavian researchers in Europe and, since the individual National Societies in the Nordic countries alone are too small to be represented in the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS). SSI is an EFIS-affiliated society.

SWIMM membership includes membership in SSI.
Consequently, SWIMM members have access to all resources from EFIS and IUIS.

IUIS is an umbrella organization for many of the regional and national societies of immunology throughout the world. There are currently 86 Member Societies of IUIS, many of which belong to one of four Regional Federations encompassing Europe (EFIS), Latin America, Africa and Asia-Oceania or are direct members such as the US and Canada.

The objectives of IUIS are:

  1. To organize international co-operation in immunology and to promote communication between the various branches of immunology and allied subjects
  2. To encourage within each scientifically independent territory co-operation between the Societies that represent the interests of immunology
  3. To contribute to the advancement of immunology in all its aspects.

The International Congresses of Immunology (ICI) is held every three years under the auspices of IUIS. IUIS also contributes to the staging of regular congresses and conferences by each of the four Regional Federations and to various educational activities in immunology.

EFIS is a non-profit umbrella organization that represents 35 European Immunology Societies, including some from Eurasia and the Middle-East.

Every member of any EFIS-affiliated society (e.g. SSI) is automatically considered a “member” of EFIS and can as such benefit from EFIS programs. EFIS thus acts as organization uniting nearly 14,000 individual researchers and clinicians working in the fields of immunology and allergology.

The main goals of EFIS are to support immunological research and education, as well as to strengthen scientific interaction amongst its members. Together with its partner official journals, the European Journal of Immunology and Immunology Letters, EFIS focuses especially on supporting young scientists, e.g., through fellowships or travel grants.

The European Congress of Immunology (ECI) is the triennial joint meeting of all EFIS member societies. It is now one of the most highly-regarded international conferences in the field of basic and clinical immunology, attracting on average more than 3,000 delegates and offering the highest standards in terms of both scientific and social programs