September 2023 travel grant awards


Congratulations to SWIMM members who were awarded travel grants in the September 2023 call. Check out the winners below and follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn so you don’t miss the next call for travel grants!

🏆Rodrigo Arcoverde Cerveira from Karolinska Institutet, Karin Loré group who will attend 2023 International Society for Vaccines – ISV Annual Congress in Switzerland to present his work on mRNA vaccines & B cell memory response

🏆Danica Fae Besavilla from University of GothenburgDavide Angeletti group, who will attend Keystone Symposia on Molecular & Cellular Biology in Canada to present her work on pre-existing CD4 T cell help and antibody responses

🏆Nicolai Frengen from Karolinska InstitutetRobert Månsson group, who will attend the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) conference in the USA to present his work on NK cells

🏆Tobias Kammann from Karolinska InstitutetJohan Sandberg group, who will attend CD1-MR1 2024 conference in Australia to present his work on MAIT cells

🏆Xinxin Luo from Karolinska InstitutetEduardo Villablanca group, who attended Hydra Helminth conference in Greece to present her work on tuft cells and helmets immunity

🏆Nimitha Rose Mathew from University of GothenburgDavide Angeletti group, who will attend British Society for Immunology congress #BSI23 in the UK to present her work on tissue resident memory CD4 T cells

🏆Sara E Turcinov from Karolinska InstitutetVivi Malmstrom group, who will attend American College of Rheumatology Convergence #acr23 in the USA to present her work on autoreactive T cells in rheumatoid arthritis